Tuesday, 3 April 2018


About Just hAPPENING :

It is sort of diary which i am going to update time to time for readers and if you like it please comment 
I am a fan of Slim Shady (Eminem).
Hence i used the name A.K. Shady for publishing, My Real name is "Akhil Pundir".
Just hAPPENING will contain some poems, stories or my experience i mean writing type of stuff;
and one more thing please don't try to copy stuff because whenever i put something like a poem online i make sure first to copywrite.
thats it.

enjoy reading.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Why do you want to achieve so much?

Lend me a minute out of your busy schedule, stop for a moment and allow me to tell you the 'truth'.
For all those who fear 'death' it is the same as to be 'dead'. Those who want too much could never be satisfied with all the 'riches' in the world. Those who feel powerless ,just dream of strength and supremacy time and again. I am not saying that I am a saint and will avoid the riches.
But ask those who have enjoyed power and ended powerless. 

Time doesn't stops for anybody just like your thirst for power and money. You seem to be so sure that if you had power, you could have turned this world upside down. But at the end of the day nothing would give you more pleasure than a piece of bread and a nice nap on your bed. 

Just a glass of water is more than enough to calm you down but an entire ocean would probably make you drown. Down in the depths you find it difficult to breath but untill the very end you don't realise how hard was it for your soul to exist outside. In spite  of having this protection of bones and flesh still something is crushing your heart  piercing through your chest.

How imbecile are human beings, we can't even understand each other. We slay each other for power and money and wage wars just to obtain a piece of land. Stop for your moment to look at your hands, were these fingers given to hold the sword or were they given to hold hands.

I know that you can't accept it but there is no reason to deny it that death is the absolute truth.
You try to achieve something big through out your life but think about it, was it for this reason that you came into very existence of flesh and bones. When the terror of death haunts you then only you realise how miserable was it for your soul throughout the journey to not to have the freedom to enjoy the life.

So throw away worries out of your mind and live your life because there is no special reward waiting for you in afterlife for all the riches that you would leave behind. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sorry guys for this long break.
I will be publishing new stuff every week now.

Its not like anybody was reading my blog on regular basis but still i should have published something at least on monthly basis but now i can do it on regular basis.
i will publish something tomorrow  so if anyone ever reads please comment.

Saturday, 16 March 2013



When the dark clouds...
covers the blue sky,
the limits of happiness
increases high and high
The first thunder made 
by the mighty clouds,
always leads to the
'worries pause'

The sounds which were once mild
are now gone into wild,
Suddenly the water fountain
starts from the sky,
birds stops to fly,
now droplets of water are not shy;

Water from these fountains 
goes deep into jungle roads
which were once made by nature Gods.
Every tiny and giant creature,
enjoys the shower from
God's Rain Tower.

Trees are watered by rainy water
and the scene of sun is very shorter,
The moon is hidden in the dark clouds
this scene is beautiful with no doubts,
If the camera of heaven seated God
moves to towns they are full of umbrellas
accompanying the rainy coats
give a wonderful effect 
like that of inverted boats,
I can't give an end to my thoughts,

But the boats are not safe when
the river shows its anger and 
calms down only when,
clouds are dispersed like 
flour on the floor.
After the rain stops
Rainbow comes to know,
that its the time for  show.
We know Count of its colours is seven,
and Earth looks like heaven.

The cool and calm weather,
gives a feeling :
of Earth's disease healing
Now it has cleared Earth's ceiling.
Try not to treat Earth as Orange pealing;
Give this rain your own meaning;
Don't waste your time in vain
just enjoy this beautiful rain..........

by: A.K.Shady

Thank you For Reading.
Keep Reading.

Friday, 8 March 2013


                What is reality?

I often  ask myself that what is reality?
Everyday i live in my thoughts of vulgarity,
my inner soul thinks its insanity,
Oh God What is Reality?

I don't have the time to live

I don't have the time to die 
Is this Reality!!

Why i am going through this trauma,

why in this race there is no comma,
Why i am  pretending to believe in God,
Why i am alone on this road?
How could it be..
Every door is closing on me..
Is this reality?

I am alone in this boulevard

Am i in a dream,
or the milk ain't got no cream.
Why there are always two teams,
Is this in our genes..
Am i full of insanity,
Is this reality?
I still got no answer
What is reality.

Why in every nation

there is discrimination
Nobody is responsible for this
Why always there is a twist?
Why there is watch on every wrist.
Is all this  an imagination,
Or God's still in Meditation,

I got only two eyes to see

with them how can i see this endless sea,
why i am drinking this tasteless tea,
Why it always ends on alcohol,
Why crown is without jewel,
I don't want to be in this duel,

Why am i afraid of unknown personality;

Is this insanity;
then What is Reality?
What is Reality?

thank you for reading.